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year of birth and city                        January 16th, 1961, Essen

family status                                   divorced, 1 daughter (born 1992)

nationality                                       german

28.01.2008 – 28.02.2009     Pall Filtersystems GmbH

                                         Plant PASS Industrial Europe


                                         General Contractor for filtration systems

                                          Duties and Responsibilities:

                                          European Material Manager

                                          · Purchasing volume FY 2008: 48,5 Mio. EURO

                                          · Department employees: 29

                                         · International construction purchasing                                                         (100%, no own production)

                                         · Installation of a modern supply chain department


01.2006 – 25.01.2008          Hans Lingl Anlagenbau und Verfahrenstechnik                                               GmbH & Co. KG

                                          Krumbach (Schwaben),

                                          General Contractor for brick factories
                                          Technological leader in the world market
Duties and Responsibilities:      

·   General Manager Purchasing and Materials Management Lingl group

·   Purchasing volume 2006: 80 Mio. EURO

·   Department employees: 23

·   International construction purchasing

·   Installation of a modern purchasing department

04.2001 – 12.205 take over to RWE Solutions AG Headquarters, Frankfurt / Main


                          Head purchasing department headquarters 

- procurement- and IT-coordination for procurement

· moderation of the procurement circle RWE Solutions AG

· member of RWE Solutions AG in the central procurement circle
  of the RWE AG and procurement circle of the RWE Energy AG

· head of many procurement projects of the RWE Solutions AG and member/head    of procurement projects of the RWE AG

· Corporate Lead Buyer of the RWE AG for steel and non ferrous 
  semi-finished products and tubes

01.2000 – 03.2001  RWE Solutions AG Headquarter, Frankfurt am Main:

                             in history TeSSAG, Frankfurt am Main,

                              (successor of Lahmeyer AG)

                              placed in Neu-Isenburg since 17.05.2004

                              procurement and IT-coordination department

                              continuation of the duties and responsibilities

                              member of the RWE Mechatronics GmbH

10.1999 – 12.1999   Lahmeyer AG, Frankfurt am Main,

                              division company development

                              coordination of procurement activities

04.1994 – 03.2001   Piller Komponenten GmbH, then TeSSAG Mechatronics,

                              then RWE Mechatronics GmbH

                              today Deutsche Mechatronics GmbH (disposed of 04.2005)

                              mechanical components and systems, automation systems,

                              medical systems, peripheral equipment for Heidelberger                                 Druckmaschinen AG

                              employees: 600

                               turn over   : ca. 85 Mio. €


08.1999 – 09.1999   Sales Department EK5 plant Mechernich

                              to dispose of sheet metal constructions

                              further jobs and new projects:

· head workgroup „fire protection requirements“ inside the department

  Einkauf-Materialwirtschaft-Konzern of the RWE AG, coordination of

  the procurement volume including contracting

· member of the workgroup „office equipment“ inside the department

  Einkauf-Materialwirtschaft-Konzern of the RWE AG

04.1998 – 07.1999 Head of the Sales and Procurement Department plant Rastatt

                            Vice president of the plant Rastatt

Duties and Responsibilities:

· consolidation with the plant Mechernich

· installation of a sales and procurement department


· member of the workgroup „KEIS / BW“ of the RWE AG Essen and SAP

  KEIS= Konzern-Einkaufs-Informations-System

· head workgroup at „KEIS“ for the KEIS-Modules 

  „purchasing members“ and „contracting“                                                                                                                                                                                              · head workgroup „ steel and non ferrous semi-finished products “ and

  „tubes“ inside the department Einkauf-Materialwirtschaft-Konzern

  of the RWE AG, Essen

  coordination and contracting of a purchasing volume of more then 100 Mio. €

· desinvestment of the plant Rastatt to the MAQUET AG, Rastatt, 

   incl. starting of SAP R/3 project inside the plant Rastatt

08.1995 – 08.1999  further jobs: Outsourcing Management

Duties and Responsibilities:

· project purchasing inside the division mechanical and systems, 

  including other projects inside the plant Mechernich

· responsible purchasing manager for sheet metal                                                                                                                                   - development and installation of a purchasing data base

· member of the central purchasing circle of the Lahmeyer AG, Frankfurt / Main


· member of the workgroup „UHU“  for consolidation of the associated companies for      founding of the new Lahmeyer AG in Frankfurt / Main                                              · corporate lead buyer „steel and non ferrous semi-finished products“
  and tubes of the Lahmeyer AG

08.1995 – 08.1999  Sales Manager for mechanical components

                             Duties and Responsibilities:

                             · technical customer advice and sales

                             · offer calculation

                             · project manager after customer order

                             · acceptance and sales


                              · making a brochure

07.1989 - 03.1994   GKD Gebr. Kufferath GmbH & Co. KG, Düren

                              technical woven wire meshes

                              employees: 365

                              turn over   : ca. 23 Mio. €


11.1992 - 03.1994 disorganisation of the division departments and reorganisation of the

                            sales department

                            takeover in the project and application department,

                            product department process belts

                            no leadership of employees

Duties and Responsibilities:

· following of all projects without head division process belts

· technical customer advice

· marketing


· issue of a „GKD-handbook transport belts“

· drafting of an sales offer for transport belts with suppliers 

· making of new brochures

07.1990 - 10.1992  head division process belts

                            leadership of 40 employees

                            turn over: ca. 8 Mio. €

Duties and Responsibilities:

· manager making department of transport belts

· manager operation sheduling transport belts

· quality control

· product development

· technical analyses

· supplier audits

· technical quotation for the sales department

· installation of transport belts

· marketing

· technical documentation

· technical responce for customer questions

· international technical consulting service in English worldwide


· improvements in productivity

· development of eduction programs for employees and international 

  sales and service branches 

· member of the ISO 9001 team

07.1989 - 06.1990 engineer process belt division

Duties and Responsibilities:

· initial skill adaption training                                                                                                                              · training of repairing skills for customer helps

· adaption of product knowledge

· quality control

03.1985 - 06.1989  Krupp-Stahl-AG, group company Düsseldorf,

                            factory Dillenburg, today ThyssenKrupp Nirosta,

                            producer of stainless-steel cold roll strips

                            (1.000 employees in Dillenburg)


01.1988 - 06.1989  plant engineer stainless-steel treatment system

Duties and Responsibilities:

· achievement of new operating figures for the coil preparation line 

  in the case of the future plant expansion
                                                                                                                            · continuous improvement of the job safety

· max. cost cutting

· generation of the production program

· monthly reports                                                                                                                                                                                                                 · quality optimization


· development of requirement specifications for a new egde cutting

  machine for the coil preparation line, coordination of the purchasing 

  process togehter with the development department und suppliers 

· member of training group for 50 South Korean workers for 3 months

12.1985 - 12.1987 plant engineer cold roll mills

Duties and Responsibilities:

· supervision of

  2 Sendzimir cold rolling mills

  1 skin pass roller

  2 roller grinding departments

· quality and capacity optimization

· configuration of the cold rolling program 

· cost cutting

· control of backfitting projects

· monthly reports of the cold roll mill department

· continuous improvement of the job safety

· substitution of the manager cold rolling department during his absence

03.1985 - 11.1985 trainee stainless-steel treatment system

Duties and Responsibilities:

· initial skill adaption training of the production process

· quality and capacity optimization

· supervision of

  1 hot rolled annealing and pickling line

  1 cold rolled annealing and pickling line

  1 blank annealing line

  1 grinding line

  1 coil preparation line           

· substitution of the manager cold rolling department during his absence

10.1980 – 01.1985  university Duisburg –comprehensive university-,

                             faculty 8, metallurgy

                             leaving certificate: Dipl.-Ing (FH) metallurgy

1971 – 05.1980      Alfred-Krupp- comprehensive secondary school,

                            Essen, leaving certificate: final high-school examination

 1967 – 1971         primary school Essen